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tv   Noticiero Uni  Univision  August 17, 2013 5:35am-6:00am EDT

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>> no matter what they do, they can't get the fire out. >> that's because the gas keeps pouring out. if we can't get close enough to plug the leak, this could be a long day. >> roger: longer than you even think. the gas fire has gotten into the sewer system through a culvert. gas and water don't mix, so the burning gas is actually floating on top of the water. and moving with it. now that the fire has made it's way into a reservoir, anyone that uses that water supply might get fire instead when they turn on their faucet. i'm working on a plan to solve it now. >> billy: how long with that take? >> the key word is working on a plan, billy. >> billy: keep me posted. jake, jack, i want you to police the streets. these fires could pop up anywhere. wendy and i will work here. kenny? >> yeah, billy? >> billy: you're on pavement patrol, you got that? >> got it. (gasping) look before you open your door,
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sir! >> you sure you don't want me to drive? >> sorry buddy, but under this hood is a 467 horsepower, fuel injected engine. it's not qte that tractor you're used to driving. >> a simple no would have done. >> kid: daddy, spray me with the water! >> i'm going to get you! i'm going to get you! >> no! >> i'm ready, billy. >> let's move out. i'm going in. i have to get that hole plugged, and fast.
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(yelling) pat, we need erv. how long before we get him? >> i don't know. i need more time! >> try as hard as you can. >> kenny, this is roger. come in please. >> kenny ride, here. >> i've been tracking the underground fire and it's headed toward the local dirt bike track. do you know where that is? >> kenny: sure do, and i'm on my way. >> it's not going to be that easy, comet. >> i need you to warn your neighbour about the water situation. let's go wheels. we have a bike park to get to. >> (yelling) >> kid: mommy, the cars on fire! >> mom: it's a fire! >> dad: help! >> i'm turning off the water, give me a sec! ♪ deana the dino was incredibly small ♪
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♪ she loved eating right ♪ and dreaming she was tall ♪ ♪ her imagination took flight ♪ she soared to new heights ♪ and flew to mcdonald's for a quick bite ♪
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♪ she shined like a star ♪ and brightened the night ♪ she's orbiting earth ♪ and feeling dino-mite ♪ ba da ba ba baaaa
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(yelling) >> dad: help! >> hope your car needs a hot wax! >> fire retardant panels, there! >> (yelling) >> i feel like a french fry under a heat lamp. >> listen, here's the plan: first, i'll open the upper solar elemental device. >> the what? >> the sun roof. >> why didn't you just say so? >> then i'll activate the wind thrust propulsion. you'll have eight seconds to turn off the water supply before the wind source dies out. any questions? >> yup. after this can i drive? >> no. now go!
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>> ow! hot potato! >> jake: five seconds! >> that's not helping. >> three seconds! two, one... >> ah! you know what? next time, i'll drive and you can stick your head out. >> not going to happen, my friend. not going to happen. >> did you see me? i rock! >> can i have your attention? >> oh man, what does he want? >> you have to evacuate the park, now. >> yeah we know, pedal boy. it's time they water the track. oooh, scary. (yelling)
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>> it's now or never. go! you're running out of time, and i'm running out of foam. >> i just have to seal it. >> (yelling) >> (gasping) oh no, it's empty! >> let's go! keep those legs pumping.
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>> ah! >> come on, get up! >> billy, grab thladder. >> this is what i call good timing. head for the ocean! my fire coat just turned into a blazer! come on! come on! (yelling) alright, fire. now it's personal. pat, how's it going? >> in a second billy. in a second. >> i never recommend riding double, but these are not ordinary circumstances. >> we're not going to make it! >> this is one of the cool parts of being a rescue hero.
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>> whoa! >> wicked! >> thanks man, you are the coolest bicycle cop i've ever met. >> hey! if you don't know what it is, don't touch. >> what a grouch! >> i hate to interrupt, but ie just detected the next flare up. >> what are the coordinates? >> the intersection of mammoth avenue and butler crescent. >> it's right there! i need you to clear the area. i repeat: clear the area. why isn't he moving? >> he can't hear you. >> roger: the fire's moving fast boys. >> we're not going to make it!
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>> now! >> trust me! >> wheel lock now! >> computer: locking wheels. >> told you to trust me! >> we have more trouble. this time a steel factory. >> billy: roger, i need to know how close you are to flushing out the gas fire from the sewer. >> i'd be a lot closer if i had eighty truckloads of foam, or a million gallons of water. sorry billy, i don't know what to do. >> you'll figure it out. bring her up!
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abort! abort! i need erv, now! >> erit's time to get to work. >> the water that cools the steel is on fire. there are workers trapped inside. >> you secure the perimeters and help out here. i'm going in. follow me. i know a way out! >> worker: get over here! hurry up! >> man trapped inside. no sign of escape. need help right away. >> think roger, think! how can we dilute the water
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enough to stop the fire? there's not that much water in the world. not now, comet! i'm trying to concentrate. what? what's so important? all i see is earth. planet earth. which is made up of 71% water! comet you're brilliant. ariel come in please. i have a plan. erv, activate extension >> eractivate extension. >> billy: seal hole. >> ersealing hole. >> yes! that did it! >> billy: erv, it's time to test out your arm. >> look out!
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>> billy: pat, great job fixing erv. he just arm wrestled an oil tanker and run. >> jake: all you have to do is put on the fire retardant panels. >> but, i don't have a password, and you need one to use this car. >> jake: shmoopy. >> okay, but now's not the time to be buttering me up. >> no, that's my password. it was the name of my mother's dog. never mind, just say it. >> shmoopy. >> sure hope this works. good luck guys. >> thanks, roger. alright ariel, everything's good to go. >> okay, gil. hit the switch!
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>> jake: okay you should see a blue button, three down from the top and one over from the left. now i need you to push that one first. >> i don't have time for that now. clear the east wall. i'm coming through. >> duck! >> not too shabby for a tractor driver. >> come on, what's taking so long? roger, we have water. >> (cheering) >> way to go, comet. >> (cheering) >> let's get this thing out.
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>> everybody's reporting in. the water's back to normal. we beat this thing! we're going home! driving a car fast may be fun if it's a video game, but in real life speeding is no laughing matter. so, if you're with someone who's driving too fast, let a parent or teacher know. >> hey guys, i've been doing some thinking and i'd like everyone to be able to drive the new car. >> really, do you mean it? >> sure, what fun is having something if you can't share it? although, i want you all to only use premium gas and make sure that the tires are inflated after every time you use it. >> both: (laughing) >> and no eating inside. i'm talking to you, hiroki. >> all: (laughing) >> think likerescue hero: think safe.
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[ breathing heavily ] [ thinking ] he's tougher than i thought. i better finish this. [ breathing heavily ] your defeat is certain. give me the chaos emeralds, and i will spare your life.
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chaos control! sonic has only delayed my triumph. those emeralds will be mine. alert my forces across the galaxy. begin the search for the chaos emeralds at once. do not rest until you bring them all to me.
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